Huion Kamvas 16 No Signal on Windows 10

 Hi ! Dont know if this is the Good Place but I'll try !

So I brought in 2019 my first monitor tablet Kamvas 16 (not the 2021 version !) on Amazon and All is Worked ! But now it's like 3-4 days that my Tablet have the ''No Signal'' thing ... I look on Internet and I literrally try everything but no result :/ 

- I reformated my PC

- Installed all Drivers in my PC (All is Updated) I try to Unistall/Reinstall Huion Drivers too !

- Try my Monitor on an another PC (not mine) and it's work ! I try my HDMI on my PC on a another TV Device and it's worked so it's not a ''Physical'' Damage

- I trying to ''Duplicate'' my Screen, unable my Graphic Card (Intel + NVDIA not in the same time xD) and it's doesnt work

- I try the Huion Solutions too but 0 results ! :/

I use an Asus ROG GL552VW (Laptop) Model with Windows 10 (And before my tablet worked on it) I've an Intel HD Graphic 530 + Nvidia Geforce GTX960m. When I connect my monitor with USB + HDMI Connect, my PC reconize it but not in Monitor but just a Device and the Huion Driver reconize my tablet too. But when I turn on my Tablet I've the Huion Logo / Black Screen / No Signal / Sleep Mode (or Turn Off) ...  I think is because my Graphics Cards but both are updated and I try to Unable one of it (I try both but one in the time) try to turn on my tablet and Reactive the Graphic card but nothing work (I try to just Unable it too) And still Nothing ...

Thanks for Help ! I'm literrally desesperate ... My Tablet is All I've to Drawing :( Sorry for my English it's not my first langage too x)

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  • Hi ShiroTatsuKi, have you tried all the steps found in this article: What to Do If Your Huion Pen Display Shows A Black Screen or No Signal? If you have and still go the "no signal" issue, it is possible that your 3-in-1 cable may be damaged. Kindly send the following to to be assisted further:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number
    • A video of your cable connections and what happens when you turn your tablet on. Please send the video through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link in your email, making sure that the video is shared to everyone who has the link.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Thanks for the Answer !

    I'll do that ... But like I said, I don't think this is my 3-in-1 cable because I try my monitor on an another computer and it's work fine ! I can zoom in/out or interact with my monitor etc. But I just have the blackscreen so I can't see what I'm doing ... I doubt that will be a issue with the material 3-in-1 cable ... :/  I bought my tablet on Amazon in the listing they say that a Kamva 16 but when I look on the box of my tablet this is the KAMVAS GT-156HDV2 so I try to download the Driver for it but the problem still here

    Thanks !

  • Hi ShiroTatsuKi, duly noted. We will have to check on it further. We look forward to your email so we can resolve your issue.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Hi !

    I already have send you an Email about my Issue and I still waiting for an Answer :) It's like 3 days that I'm waiting so I write here just to say that I already contacted the Support with the information that you ask me to send :)

    Thanks !

  • Hi ShiroTatsuKi Nyaaa, kindly try to update your computer's graphics card and check if it will resolve your issue. We've also replied to your ticket so kindly check your email. If you don't see our reply in your inbox, kindly check your spam or trash folders.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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