What are the functions of the keyboard, dial controller, and press keys on the Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200?

The Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200 is the first pen tablet in the industry combining a graphics tablet and a keyboard besides the dial controller and programmable press keys. Integration of 23 standard keyboard keys, 5 programmable press keys and one dial controller enables users a higher productivity in drawing.


The 23 standard keyboard keys can function as those on the general keyboard, which support continuous input as well as key combos; the num key can be used to activate the alternative function of the other 22 keys. For example, when pressing the key z, a letter “z” will be input; while the left square bracket “[“ will show, if the key z is pressed subsequently to the num key.

Dial Controller

The default function of the Dial Controller is zooming the canvas. Dial clockwise to zoom in, and anti-clockwise to zoom out. You can press the “Dial Controller Function Shift” button to navigate or shift the functions of the dial controller.

Press Keys

Whether the driver is installed or not, keys K1 to K5 are served as letter keys T, G, O, P and L correspondingly by default.

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