Huion Inspiroy 2 Pen Tablet FAQs

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What are the improvements on Huion Inspiroy 2 series of drawing tablets?
Huion Inspiroy 2 S/M/L is the industry's first drawing tablet to combine an attractive appearance with an innovative Scroller. In addition, it comes with a new battery-free pen powered by Huion PenTech 3.0 technology. This tablet series will meet your needs whether you are a beginner or a professional. And the sheet clearly shows you the improvements on Inspiroy 2.
Do I need to charge my Huion Inspiroy 2 out of the box?
No, the Inspiroy 2 series of drawing tablets are plug-to-play. Currently, they do not support Bluetooth connectivity.
What does the Indicator light mean on Huion Inspiroy 2?
  1. A dim white light indicates that the Inspiroy 2 S/M/L is successfully connected to a device via a cable. 
  2. A bright white light indicates that the pen signal has been detected or that the pen's side buttons have been pressed.
What does the Indicator A/B/C mean on Huion Inspiroy 2 M and L?
  1. Indicator A - Steady white light-When the pen tablet is connected, the shortcuts of group 1 are enabled.
  2. Indicator B - Steady white light-When the pen tablet is connected, the shortcuts of group 2 are enabled.
  3. Indicator C - Steady white light-When the pen tablet is connected, and the shortcuts of group 3 are enabled.
What are the functions of the Scroller and Group Keys on Huion Inspiroy 2?
Huion Inspiroy 2 S/M/L pen tablet is the first tablet in the industry to be equipped with a practical Scroller. And Inspiroy 2 M/L comes with eight programmable press keys and three Group Keys. Check out here for more info.
What do the marks on the corners mean?
The four right angle marks around the corners indicate the working area or active area of the drawing tablet for PC Mode. 
How do I know the working space of Huion Inspiroy 2 in PC Mode and Phone Mode?
Inspiroy 2 S/M/L is ideal as a first drawing tablet when you get to digital art. This series of tablets are available in different sizes and is convenient for you to choose from. It is compatible with both computers and Android smartphones. To know the details of the working area, please refer to this form.
What accessories are available for Huion Inspiroy 2?

Pen Tablet*1 

Battery-free Digital Pen*1  

Pen Holder*1  

Pen Nib*10  

USB-C Cable*1 

Quick Start Guide*1 

OTG Adapter*1

What pen technology does the PW110 employ?
The battery-free digital pen PW110 is powered by Huion PenTech 3.0, which improves user experience over the previous PenTech 2.0. It has a short retraction distance and can provide a more stable and natural drawing experience with improved accuracy delivery.
What are the improvements on the battery-free digital pen PW110? 
First, PW110 has a longer silicone grip than PW100, which provides a more comfortable holding experience when using, which is especially beneficial for long-hour use to reduce fatigue. Second, the anti-slip grip is ideal for preventing sweat and slipping. Furthermore, the dual buttons on the pen keep the same height as the pen body against the wrong press. Lastly, the pen holder PH04 is stiffer and more stable than the previous PH03.
Can I get a replacement pen nib for my PW110?
Yes, the pen holder comes with the PW110, which includes ten pen nibs.

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