Answers to FAQ about Pressure Sensitive Stylus

Wire connection, driver installation, and pressure sensitivity test are troubles that beginners may come across when they are working on a pen tablet or pen display, which could be settled by the tips listed below. Hopefully, these can be helpful to all of you.

1. The stylus is not working, i.e. the pen is unresponsive, that is, the pressure sensitive pen does not react when moving or clicking on the tablet.

  1. Please check the driver icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the desktop to see if the driver is recognized by the computer. If there is a cross sign or the driver icon is grayed out, please make sure that the USB cable is properly connected or you can change the USB cable to test.
  2. The device shows device connected but there is still no feedback to the pen movement on the screen. Please reconnect the USB wire or re-install the driver downloaded from the official website, since such error may occur due to incorrect installation of the driver.
  3. Check the status of the pen. Try charging the pen because the issue may be caused by low battery. Also, you can try to change the pen nib with a new one because the issue will happen as well if the pen nib is too short.
  4. Try to reboot your computer.
  5. Try again on another computer without the driver installed.
  6. It is an internal problem of the pen which results to the pen not working.



2. Pressure sensitivity failure, that is, when the pressure sensitive pen is drawn on the tablet, the lines can be drawn but have no difference in shapes.

  1. You can try to reconnect the USB wire.
  2. Re-install the driver downloaded from the official website, since such error may occur due to incorrect installation of the driver.
  3. Make sure that you have closed all painting software before installing the driver.
  4. Try again on another computer with the driver installed. If it works, something may have gone wrong with the previous computer.


3. The pen display is properly connected and the indicator is in green but the screen remains dark and the stylus is unresponsive.

  1. Make sure all the wires are properly connected, including VGA, USB and power cables.
  2. Try again with another computer.
  3. If the screen can be displayed but the pen has no pressure on the screen, then this issue may be caused by the incorrect driver installation, please download the latest driver from Huion official website and re-install the driver.

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