How to Set Different Shortcuts Keys for UWP Software on Huion Driver?

To set different shortcut key functions, mouse modes, working areas, and others in various software, you can add them to the above of the driver to distinguish those settings.


When you first using the Huion driver, remember to invoke the Administrator Privilege in General setting, then begin the following procedure.

  1. For UWP (Universal Windows Platform) adding procedure, please follow the steps:

    a. Select Win10_OS (C:) in This PC

    b. Choose program files

    c. Click the Hidden items in View tag

  2. Click All Programs in General, then select Add a Program, and choose Browse

  3. Select Win10_OS (C:) -> Program Files -> WindowsApps

  4. Please search for the English name of the software, select the application file in the search result to open it.

    After the adding procedure is complete, you can select the UWP application at the top of the driver and start setting its driver function. 

    After adding the software, you can click the top different shortcut keys in the driver to set various functions and give your preferred feature a specific name.

    Hope the above guidance to add the UWP software in the driver and setting different functions to shortcut keys can help you.

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