Tips for Fixing the Digital Pen (PEN68 and PEN68D)

The video below shows some tips on how to fix your battery pen: PEN68 or PEN68D. (NOTE: PEN68 is for graphic tablets, while PEN68D is for tablet displays.)Below are the steps for your reference:

  1. Check if the battery is inserted in the right direction by ensuring that the positive side of the battery is towards the positive terminal.
  2. Your battery may no longer have power, so replace it with a new one.
  3. Check if the negative terminal is stuck. If it no longer protrudes, it would result in loss of contact. You can fix it using a tweezer or a pocket knife to make it stick out again.
  4. Make sure to press the power button before using the pen.
  5. If you have a pen display, ensure you have PEN68D, not PEN68. These pen models look identical, but PEN68 won't work with pen displays.
  6. If you have a pen display, ensure your tablet is manufactured after January 1st, 2017

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