Why do I receive follow-up emails but got no reply from Huion support?

Have you received a follow-up email saying we are waiting for your reply but couldn't find our email before it? 

There are several reasons why you didn't receive our emails, and the most common one is that your mail server has filtered our emails as spam or junk. Sometimes, you can find our emails in your spam, trash, or junk folders. And if you are using a Gmail account, it may be in your Promotion or Socials tab. 

However, sometimes, you don't receive our emails and can't find them in any of the said folders. Again, there are several reasons. The most common one is that your mail server has blocked our emails and, at times, are automatically removed or deleted, depending on your email settings. 

When our emails contain links or attachments, most mail servers will think they are spam. And if you have previously marked any of our emails as spam, your mail server will automatically block our domain from sending anything to you. Thus, to ensure that you won't miss any of our communications, please add our emails and domains to your whitelist. You can refer to this article: Why Don't I Receive Any Reply?

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