Does Huion Have a Tablet Driver That Supports Linux?

Yes, Huion offers a Linux driver for the following tablet models.

Pen Tablet
Pen Display
Inspiroy SeriesHS SeriesOld VersionKamvas SeriesKamvas Pro SeriesOld Version
H430PHS64Q11K V2Kamvas 12 (GS1161)Kamvas Pro 12 (GT-116)Kamvas 16 (GS1561)
H640PHS610WH1409 V2Kamvas 13 (GS1331)Kamvas Pro 13 (GT-133)Kamvas 20(GS1901)
H950PHS611H610PRO V2Kamvas 16 (2021) (GS1562)Kamvas Pro 16 (GT-156)Kamvas Pro 20 (GT-192)
H1060PKamvas 22(GS2201)Kamvas Pro 16 4K(GT1561)Kamvas Pro 22(GT-221)
H420XKamvas 22 Plus(GS2202)Kamvas Pro 16 Plus 4K(GT1562)Kamvas Pro 20(2019) (GT1901)
H580XKamvas 24 (GS2401)Kamvas Pro 24 4K(GT2401)Kamvas Pro 22(2019) (GT2201)
H610XKamvas 24 Plus (GS2402)Kamvas Pro 13 2.5K (GT1302)Kamvas Pro 24(GT-240)
H1161Kamvas Pro 16 2.5K (GT1602)


Inspiroy 2 S

Inspiroy 2 M

Inspiroy 2 L

Other models will be supported by Linux drivers soon.

Currently, Huion devices only support Ubuntu. We are working on supporting other Linux distributions and will keep you posted.

Please click the "Download" button below to download the latest Linux driver.


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