Why Don't I Receive Any Reply?

We typically respond to your emails or tickets within 1-2 business days. However, if you have not received our emails or replies in your inbox, please check your Spam, Trash, or Junk folders. For Gmail users, please check your Promotion and Socials tabs as well.

To ensure that you receive our emails and won't miss any of our communications moving forward, please update your mailbox settings to allow our emails to be routed to your inbox by adding us to your mailbox's whitelist. 

How to add our emails to your whitelist? In most email servers, you only need to add our email addresses, service@huion.com and service@huiontablet.com, to your contacts. While in other email servers, you need to add our emails to your allowed emails on your "Filter" settings or to your safe sender list

Another option is to add our domains instead, so all communications from our company will be routed to your inbox. You can add the following domains: *huion.com, *huiontablet.com, and *huion.cn.

For detailed instructions on how to add email addresses and domains to your whitelist, please get in touch with your mail server's customer support. 

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