What are the different types of Huion pens?

There are 3 major types of Huion pens:

  1. Battery Pens - these pens need a AAA battery to be inserted and have a switch to conserve the battery power. Currently, we have the PEN68 (for graphic tablets) and PEN68D (for tablet displays) available.
    (NOTE: These pens look the same, so please be careful when purchasing either of these pens.)
  2. Rechargeable Pens - these pens have a Lithium-Ion battery inside, so you need to charge these pens. The charging time is 1.3 hours, and you can use the pen for up to 350 hours. Currently, we have the PF150 (for Q11K graphic tablet), PE150 (for G10T & WH1409 8192), and PEN80 (compatible with discontinued graphic tablets with 2048 & 8192 pen pressure levels).
  3. Battery-free Pens- these pens use Electromagnetic Technology, so batteries are unnecessary. The tablet will detect the pen when the tip is within its sensing height, within 10-12mm. This pen type is used with almost all our graphic and display tablets with 8192 pen pressure levels. Various battery-free pen models are available, such as:
    1. PW100, PW110, PW201, and PW400 for graphic tablets 
    2. PW507 for tablet displays
    3. PW500, PW517, PW550, and PW550S are compatible with certain graphic and display tablets.
    4. Scribo PW310 is compatible with several graphic tablets and Kamvas Pro 22 & Kamvas Pro 22 (2019) models, aside from their respective pen models. This unique pen with ballpoint or gel ink refills lets you draw or write manually and digitally simultaneously.
  4. Active Capacitive Stylus - these pens are for iPads, Chromebooks (and other USI-compliant devices), Microsoft Surface, and other devices that support the MPP 2.0 protocol.

Please check the links above to know which pen model is compatible with your tablet.

Contact our Support Team at service@huion.com for more information about our pens and products.

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