How to fix the disconnected driver issue when connected via Bluetooth (MacOS)

If your Huion device is connected to a PC/laptop that uses a MacOS system via Bluetooth, sometimes you may encounter the problem of a disconnected driver. You can resolve the issue by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open "Security & Privacy"

Step 2: Go to "Bluetooth" and confirm if "HuionTablet" is ticked. If not, please tick the box, then the driver will connect automatically.

Step 3: If "HuionTablet" is ticked, please click "-" to delete it.

Step 4: Open the tablet driver, click "HuionTablet" from the top menu and click "Preferences."

Step 5: Click "Uninstall" on the pop-up box

Step 6: Reinstall the driver. The following window will pop up during the installation process. Please click "OK" to grant access to Bluetooth permission.

Step 7: Once the driver is installed correctly, it will be connected when you open it.

Which Huion devices have a Bluetooth feature?

  • Inspiroy Dial 2 (Q630M)
  • Inspiroy Giano (G930L)
  • Inspiroy Keydial (KD200)
  • Keydial Mini (K20)

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