How to fix no pen pressure or not clicking or drawing in Sai or old Photoshop(Windows)

When you can’t click or draw or it has no pen pressure in Sai or old Photoshop, the issues are usually caused by Wintab file.

If you encounter the problems above and you are using Driver, you can directly follow the steps below in the driver to eliminate :


Step 1: Click “software diagnosis” in the driver and check the version of WinTab32. If it does not show, it means the replacing the winTab file fails, please go to step 2. If it shows, then it can eliminate WinTab files issue, please contact Huion customer support through for further help.

Step 2: Check “WinTab32 associated process” and manually close these programs. Make sure to save the user's works before close them.

Step 3: Click “Repair” of Wintab32. If “Not Running” is shown behind WinInk, then click “Repair” of WinInk to repair WinInk; If “Running” is shown behind WinInk, do NOT to click “Repair” of WinInk.

Step 4: Open the drawing software again to see if it can work normally. If can, it means WinTab file caused the issue, now it has been solved. However, if it still can not work, we can eliminate it’s caused by the Wintab file, please contact Huion customer support through for further help.

Note: For CS6 and the previous versions, if the version of WinTab32 is correct(it shows in Step 1, but it has the issues mentioned above, please directly click “Enable” of Wintab under Adobe PhotoShop.

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