What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected?

Encountered a Device disconnected problem when using Huion products but don't know how to fix it? Don't worry! This tutorial will help you.

Version 15 Drivers:

Version 14 Drivers:

Either of the following reasons causes this issue:

  1. The driver was not installed correctly
  2. The cable was not connected properly
  3. The USB cable or the computer's USB port is damaged or loose
  4. The USB adapter you are using is faulty.
  5. The computer system lacks certaincomponents
  6. You installed more than one of our tablet drivers.
  7. You installed the incorrect driver version.
  8. Using wired and wireless connections simultaneously (on graphic tablets with wireless connectivity).

Method 1. For Windows Users

  1. For Windows system users, first, run with administrator privileges and restart the driver software. 
  2. Or follow the steps below:
    1. For Version 15 drivers, go to Settings > General tab > click the "Administrator privileges" button.
    2. For Version 14 drivers, click the "Administrator Privileges" button at the bottom of the driver interface. 
    3. For Version 12 drivers, tick "SupportTabletPC" on the driver interface.

NOTE: On Version 15 and 14 drivers, the "Administrator privileges" button will disappear after being clicked. The button will no longer appear if the driver has already been given the necessary access.

Method 2. Uninstall and reinstall the driver

  1. Uninstall the driverUninstall old drivers and all other tablet drivers, whether from Huion or other brands. 
  2. Unplug and Re-plug the USB cable. Please check if the cursor is working correctly without a driver. If the cursor works normally, that means the hardware has no problem. (Skip this step when using MacOS Catalina or later since our devices won't work on these operating system versions without the driver.)
  3. Reinstall the driver. If the hardware has no problem, please check if you have installed the driver correctly. You can visit our official website (https://www.huion.com/download) to download the corresponding driver for your tablet and reinstall the driver. On how to install the driver correctly, please check the following articles:

NOTE: Ensure your tablet is not connected to your computer, your antivirus is turned off, and all your drawing programs are closed while installing the driver.

Method 3. Troubleshoot USB cables and ports.

If the two methods above don't work, please try these steps:

  • Graphic Tablet Users
    1. Touch the pen on the tablet's surface and check whether the pen indicator will light up. If the light turns on, the connection of the tablet, USB cable, and the computer's USB port is working normally. Thus, the issue is caused by other factors.
    2. Otherwise, you must try connecting to another USB port or replace the USB cable. If you use a desktop computer, it is better to plug it into its rear USB port. If you are using an adapter or hub, please connect directly to your computer, if possible, or replace your adapter with a working one.
  • Tablet Display Users
    1. Please try connecting to another USB port on your computer or replace the USB cable if you have a spare one. If you use a desktop computer, it is better to plug it into its rear USB port. If you are using an adapter or hub, please connect directly to your computer, if possible, or replace your adapter with a working one.

Method 4. Use another computer to test. 

If you have installed the driver properly without any issues but the problem persists, please use another computer to test without installing the driver. If it works on another computer, the previous computer system may lack some components, which causes the driver to fail to connect. 

Method 5. Replace the Wintab32.dll file (for Windows users)

A corrupted Wintabl32.dll file may also cause the "Device disconnected" error if you can move your mouse cursor with your pen. If this is the case, please follow the steps in this article: Issues with WinTab32 DLL File.

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above, but the driver still shows "Device disconnected," and the pen won't move after uninstalling the driver, the cable, your tablet port, or the tablet itself may be damaged. If so, please contact our support staff at service@huion.com for further assistance and provide the following information:

  • Serial number (found on the back of your tablet, which starts with S/N)
  • Order number
  • Computer operating system and version
  • Driver versions (found in the driver > go to Settings > About tab)

Our support staff may need to access your computer in certain cases remotely. 

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