How to Install Huion Driver on MacOS

If you are a new Huion user and have not installed any driver on your computer yet, please follow the steps below to install the driver. NOTE: Make sure you do not connect your tablet to your computer during the installation process.

Step 1. Driver Installation

1) Go to Huion official website: and download the latest V14 driver.

2) Click the installation package >Drag the “HuionTablet” icon to “Applications” > Double click “HuionTablet” > Select “Open” to run the driver.

3) After installation, the following problem may occur depending on the user's specific settings. The corresponding solution is as follows:

If the software is not downloaded from App Store, the system will pop up a tip as below:


You can simply open the software by clicking “Open”.



Step 2. Make Sure the Driver Interface Shows "Device connected".

After the driver is properly installed, please open the driver and plug all the cables correctly. And please confirm that the driver interface shows “Device connected” (as shown below).



If the driver interface shows “Device disconnected”, please check if the “TabletDriverAgent” process has been enabled properly in your Activity Monitor. If it has been enabled, it will show as the screenshot below:


If it has not been enabled properly, you will need to restart the “TabletDriverAgent” process. That means you need to restart the driver.


Step 3. If the driver interface shows” Device connected, follow the steps below to set up "Security and Privacy".

1) When using the stylus pen to touch the graphic tablet or pen display, the system will detect the first trigger and its action, and it will promptly pop up a box to enter the “System Preferences” interface (because of Apple company’s policy, if you do not grant access to our driver, you will not be able to use our graphics tablet in Mac system):


2) Please click “Open System Preferences”, then open and set up the “Security & Privacy” as shown in the picture below;

If you accidentally click “Deny”, you will need to redo the steps to pop up the “System Preferences” again:

Go to Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility



Step 4. Add "TabletDriverAgent" and "HuionTablet" to the whitelist. ("TabletConsole" and "HuionTablet" for version 11 & 12 drivers)

You can see that “TabletDriverAgent” is in the whitelist, but it is unchecked. Please follow the steps below to check it:

1) Click the lock icon  to unlock and input your password;

2) Tick the box beside the “TabletDriverAgent" and "HuionTablet" then proceed to Step 5. If "HuionTablet" is missing, please proceed to step #3 below.

3) Click “+” and it will bring you to another page.


4) Click “Applications”, search for “HuionTablet” and find the “HuionTablet” driver. Then, click the “HuionTablet” icon and select “Open”. After completing the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully tick “HuionTablet” to the whitelist.


5) And the last step is to tick the box beside “HuionTablet”.



Now, you have completed all the steps and installed the driver properly. You can now start using your graphic tablet. Have fun!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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