How to Set Up Your Huion Tablet with ChromeOS

ChromeOS is an operating system developed by Google's proprietary code and software that is based on the Linux Debian kernel.

Before connecting your tablet with your ChromeOS computer, please check if your tablet model is listed below. These are the tablet models compatible with ChromeOS:

  1. Pen Tablets:
  2. Pen Displays: 

 Although Linux drivers are available, these drivers are based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS distribution. Thus, when using your tablet on your ChromeOS computer, please do not install our Linux driver. Your tablet will work as a plug-and-play device

Setting up your Huion tablet with your ChromeOS device is a breeze. All you have to do is connect your tablet to your computer and launch your preferred drawing software. You can then start using your pen to draw, sketch, or write. Although there's no need for a driver, you can still use the pen to create. In some cases, the pen and tablet buttons may work and can be used to navigate. While the buttons can't be configured, the pen works like a charm and offers a smooth, responsive experience that will elevate your creativity to the next level.

If you are using the pen displays mentioned above with your ChromeOS computer, it is vital to connect the HDMI and USB-A cables to your device. In case your computer does not have these ports, you need to use an adapter. It is worth noting that these pen displays cannot be used with a USB-C to USB-C cable. So, make sure to keep these points in mind while setting up your pen display with your ChromeOS computer.

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