How to make finger gestures control Kamvas Studio 16/Kamvas Pro 19/Kamvas Pro 27 instead of the external monitor

When you connect your Kamvas Studio 16 to an external display, or connect Kamvas Pro 19/Kamvas Pro 27 to a computer for the first time, finger gestures on the touchscreen will control the external display or the computer and not the touchscreen of the Huion device. You can change the settings to fix it. Once the settings are changed, it will no longer happen.

Kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Search " Control Panel" and open it

Step 2: Find "Tablet PC Settings" and double-click it

Step 3: Click on "Setup"

Step 4: Choose "Touch input"

Step 5: Follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Here's a video example using the Kamvas Studio 16, which you may find helpful.

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