How to adjust the working area of Kamvas Studio pen computer?

To do this, you can turn on the driver software that comes with your device. There are three modes to choose from: Full Area, Screen Ratio, and Custom Area. As the name implies, the Full Area is the default setting and maps the entire working area of the pen computer to the external monitor. 

While the Screen Ratio mode maps the working area of the pen computer to the monitor based on the ratio of the display device, for example, if you draw a circle on the pen computer, then a circle appears on the monitor that has been connected to your pen computer; in this case, some parts of the screen of the pen computer may not work. While if you didn’t choose the Screen Ratio and draw a circle, then the circle may change into an oval on the external monitor.

In Custom mode, you can drag the two blue rectangles to select the working areas of the digital pen on the screen and the pen computer. Choose the mode that works best for your needs and start creating!

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