How to start with Huion Note- FAQs and Guideline


Product Features

What does the LED mean on Huion Note?
The LED indicator on Huion Note indicates the status of battery power, connection and Note-taking mode. Read the article for more information.
Do I need to charge Huion Note when I first open the box?
We recommend charging Huion Note when you first receive it if you plan to connect it to your device via Bluetooth. Please connect Huion Note to a PC using the USB cable inside your box.
How to check the remaining power of Huion Note?
There are three ways for you to check the remaining battery power, from the LED, Huion App and the Huion Note driver. Please refer to the article.
Can I use any USB cable to charge Huion Note?

Yes, you can use any USB-C cable to charge Huion Note.

Can I replace the battery of Huion Note?

No, the battery is not replaceable.

Does Huion Note use the latest PenTech 3.0 technology?
Yes, the pen that comes with the Huion Note is Huion Scribo Pen 2, featuring the Huion PenTech 3.0 technology.
What does the dotted area on Huion Note mean?
The dotted area on the paper is designed to recognize the working area and ensure you are writing in the correct scope, reducing note losing.
Does Huion Note App support cloud storage?

Currently, cloud storage for Huion Note App is not supported. Please kindly wait for the update in the future.

What format can I export my notes on Huion Note?

Currently, Huion Note supports note exporting in:




-huionnote (worked as data transmission)

Can I use a ruler on Huion Note? 
Yes, but rulers made from metal material may not. It will cause some signal issues.
How long will the ink in the ballpoint refill last?
The refill of Huion Scribo Pen 2 can be used with a length of about 400m.

Setup & Use

How to connect Huion Note to my tablet/phone?
You can connect Huion Note to your tablet or phone device. Before using, please be sure to download and install Huion Note App on your device (for App downloading, please go to Google Play/App Store). And there are two ways for you to connect in your preference. Please get reach to this article.
Do I have to use Huion Note with Huion Note App?

You may need to sync offline notes and handwriting with Huion Note App.

Do I have to use a phone or tablet for Huion Note all the time?

No, Huion Note supports offline storage of up to 50 pages of notes. You don’t need to connect the phone or tablet all the time. In addition, Huion Note supports Pen Tablet Mode, and you can connect Huion Note to your PC to start drawing.

How to connect Huion Note to my PC?
Huion Note will start Pen Tablet Mode when connected to a PC. And there are two ways for you to connect Huion Note to your PC, for wired and wireless connection. Please refer to this article to learn how to connect.
How to start up and use the pen tablet mode on Huion Note?

When Huion Note is connected to your PC, you can access the pen tablet mode. For a better user experience, please follow the steps before using:

1. Take out the notepad from Huion Note. 

2. Fold up Huion Note and put it down horizontally. 

3. Paste the panel (included in the box). 

4. Connect Huion Note to PC.

5. Download and install the driver for Huion Note.

6. Open the driver to adjust pressure sensitivity, working area, etc., as you need.

Can I connect Huion Note to my phone/tablet via USB cable?

Currently, Huion Note doesn’t support a wired connection to the phone/tablet.

Does Huion Note support a wireless connection to my PC?

Yes, it supports Bluetooth connection to your PC.

My computer does not support Bluetooth connection, how can I connect Huion Note to my PC in a wireless way?

You may need to connect Huion Note to your PC via USB-C cable, or you can connect Huion Note to your PC via a Bluetooth receiver.

Do I need to shut down Huion Note?

No, Huion Note will automatically disconnect and shut down when you close it. By the way, it will enter sleep mode to save battery power when not used for 15 minutes.

How to wake Huion Note when it enters sleep in Bluetooth mode?
When Huion Note is in sleep mode (the LED indicator goes out), you need to gently touch the paper of notepad with the pen nib to awaken it (the LED indicator lights up).
How to paste the panel on Huion Note? 

1. Please be sure the direction of the panel is correct, and align its long side with a right angle to the side of the notebook, then peel the sticker off to paste.

2. Peel off the exterior sticker on the panel.

3. To only experience pen tablet mode, just put the pen tablet in the position as mentioned and no need to paste it.

4. For a better user experience, please do not peel the panel when it has been pasted.

What accessories are available for Huion Note?

1. Huion Scribo Pen 2

2. Pen Nibs PW310X

3. Notepad

4. Panel

Where can I get the pen refills for Huion Note? 

You can get PW310X pen refills at our official store. It offers plastic nibs for pen tablet mode and ballpoint refills for note-taking mode.

Where can I get the replacement when I run out of the notepad of Huion Note?
Huion Note comes with a standard A5 size notepad. When you run out of it, you can buy a replacement at our storeor:

1. Replace it with a regular A5 notepad that thickness is below 10mm.

2. Replace it with a notepad from Huion's official store.

3. Replace it with regular papers, and make them cover the working area properly.

 Note: there is no dotted area on the unofficial notepad, it may cause some issues, like writing out of the working area to make a recording mistake. 

How to replace the notepad of Huion Note?

You can follow the steps below:

1. Take out the original notepad.

2. Insert the end paper of the replacement to Huion Note’s back cover.

3. Adjust the position of the replacement to ensure it corresponds entirely to the working area.

How to replace the pen refills of Huion Note?
Huion Note includes two types of pen refills in the box, ballpoint refills and plastic pen nibs. To replace the pen refill, you can follow the steps in the following:

1. Take the ballpoint refill/plastic pen nib and pen nib remover from the square storage case.

2. Remove the original refill by the remover.

3. Plug the replacement we offered into the pen.

What kind of pen refill should I choose for Huion Note?
Huion Note provides ballpoint refills and plastic pen nibs. We recommend using a ballpoint refill when you write and take notes in offline mode. We recommend using plastic refill when you draw in the pen tablet mode.
How do I sync previous notes on Huion Note to my new device?
You can export the previous notes with huionnote format and import them to your new phone device. We introduced the sync process in the article.
How to share my notes on Huion Note?

1. For notebook sharing

(1) Long press any notebook to enter the choosing interface.

(2) Choose the notebook you want to share.

(3) Click the export icon at the top.

(4) Choose the format you want to export.

2. For note sharing

(1) Click the Setting option at the top right corner.

(2) Click Share.

(3) Choose the range of pages and the format you want to export.

I forgot to click page down button so that superposes two of my notes, what should I do?

Huion Note records every line stroke you wrote, so you can sync the note and split the page on your phone. You can follow the steps below:

1. Sync and enter the notebook.

2. Click the Split icon at the top left and enter page management.

3. Click the Edit icon at the top right corner and enter page editing on the popup menu.

4. Choose the page that you want to manage.

5. Choose Split and enter the split page. You can separate the handwriting by dragging the progress bar.


What operating systems does Huion Note support?

Windows 7/8/8.1 (Wired)

Windows 10 64 bit (Wired & Bluetooth)

macOS 10.12 or later (Wired & Bluetooth)

Android 6.0 or later (Bluetooth)

Harmony 2.0 or later (Bluetooth)

Linux Ubuntu 20.04LTS (Wired)

Does Huion Note work on Linux?
Yes, Huion Note can work on Linux. Currently, Bluetooth connection is not supported for the Linux driver, and we will update it in the future.

Driver Assistance

How to get the driver for Huion Note?
Please access this link to download the driver.

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