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Would it be possible to add a functionality (as an option) to the tablets and screen tablets, so that secondary buttons (the buttons on the side of the pen) activate their functions only when the tip of the pen touches the tablet/screen (and the respective buttons of course). This is a feature that for example Wacom tablets have (they call it Click and Tap), and it is really useful because it makes the precision of the click for secondary buttons be perfect.

When disabled (in their brand), it works just like Huion's. But this way, whenever you want to use "right-click" for example (assigned to a side button), the precision of the click will be unstable because whenever you press the button with the pen in the air, your wrist slightly tilts making the pen tilt as well, moving the cursor and with that the selection. It's less than a millimeter, but depending on the application and the tablet size, it can make the input displace considerably, and ruin the experience. It's most noticeable in applications like Blender for instance, in which you need to use the right click for making some strokes in sculpting, and you need to make the on the air, making it impossible to use.

On the othe hand, if this feature was implemented, it would work while clicking the side button, and then making a stroke (or click) using the tip button (this is called clicking and tapping, for side button and tip respectively), then it would make only the side button's function work, while retaining the precision of the stroke that the tip is making as you precisely tap or stroke on the tablet (not in the air). And since you are using the side button, the tip buttons functions would be disabled while the side button is pressed. Since not even in a mouse, pressing at the same time right-click and left-click is possible (or at least makes only one work), it would be the same in the tablet, and no feature would be lost.

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  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, thank you for suggesting this feature. Aside from Blender, do you know other software that needs this feature? May you kindly provide a video on this functionality so that we can be sure that we understand how it works? I will forward this to our software engineers for further study.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I recorded a video. You can't see this in the video because it's a screen recording, but I'm using only the right click in the video.

    I went with the simplest functionality, which is selection. In blender you select with right click. You can see in the video that I'm simply trying to select. And most times it slighly moves screwing up everything. Whenever you try to select the object (using right click in blender), if the hand just slightly moves on the air, the objects is translated instead of moving. This is because when you click and drag, you select it an are able to drag it to another position. Then, there's a part at the begining when I move it purposely, just for the sake of showing an intended select&drag (but it's not the point of this, it's only for making a clear difference).

    Blender is the program I can think of (from those that I use) that will benefit the most. However, without going too far. This functionality will benefit every program. Even in Photoshop, for example, whenever you use right click to pick the color, your hand moves just a milimeter on the air, and you select another pixel. It's all about the precision. With the tip, you have the precision because one you tap onto the screen/tablet, the tip doesn't move any more until you decide to move your hand (unless you really have some problem in your hand, but if that happens then you wouldn't be able to draw anything not even on paper).

    I'm sorry I can't provide a live record of the Wacom working in click&tap mode. I uninstalled the tablet  and sold it because it was colliding with the Huion monitor tablet, and I opted for the the one with the monitor (Huion Kamvas) because I can have a better experience than with a normal tablet (except for this feature).

    But one thing I can say is that, the functionality seems to be native to Huion as well. Because when you connect the Huion tablets without having installed their drivers yet, they behave in a very primitive way as a simple input controller, and in that stage, the right click works only while keeping it pressed and then tapping with the tip onto the tablet. It's like Huion drivers somehow overwrite that in some part of the code so that they only work on the air and only by pressing only the corresponding side button.

  • Just a correction: A simple typo in the second paragraph when I wrote:

    "Whenever you try to select the object (using right click in blender), if the hand just slightly moves on the air, the objects is translated instead of moving"

    I meant:

    "Whenever you try to select the object (using right click in blender), if the hand just slightly moves on the air, the objects is translated instead of selecting"

  • I don't know why youtube seemed to have deleted the video. I'll upload it to somewhere else

  • I've uploaded it to vimeo this time.

  • I don't know if the video inserts I make in this platform can be seen by you, but I cannot. They do not appear for some reason.

  • Hi, I wanted to provide you with more examples in case it's useful. I've been sulpting today, and realized another disadvantage of having the side buttons click on midair. In apps like Blender, Zbrush or Substance Painter, you use the right click combined with Alt, and you make a drag (as if it were a swipe) for viewport alignment, but if you skip the drag (which in midair is almost impossible due to the hand moving on its own), and just make the Alt+Right Click, it has other purposes. In Blender for instance, it centers the viewport on the stop where you cliked. But since I have to be super precise with the click on midair, instead of centering the view, I end up alterning between side views and front views (which are the snap views functions for the "Alt+RClick+swipe" gestures) 90% of the times I try.

  • Just a correction, all of this in Blender is done with Middle click instead of Right click. In any case, it's the same since the physical functionality of the pen's side buttons is the same not matter which button or function they have assigned to. Both only work while keeping the pen in midair.

  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, thank you for the update. No worries. I was able to access the video. Sadly, it is not very clear on what you're doing with your pen through the screen recording. 

    I'm sorry that I wasn't clear on my video request. May you kindly take another video that captures your tablet, pen and your screen? Before you start demonstrating the issue in Blender on your video, kindly capture your tablet driver and show us the shortcuts set on your pen buttons. Then continue demonstrating the issue in Blender. It is important to see what you're pressing or doing with your pen and what you want it to do so our software engineers can better understand.

    Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to your video link.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, I've recorded a full video of the whole Click & Tap thing working on an Android tablet that I h

    ave so that it can be seen Live in the 1st part of the video. I also recorded how this not implemented can be an issue on Huion tablets in the other 3 parts of the video. I'll paste the link below. I hope this makes it clear. Let me know if not. Thanks!

    Also, this is my cofiguration for the Huion Kamvas 16:


  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, thank you for the video and screenshot. I really appreciate it. I will forward this to our Technical Department for further review. I'll get back to you as soon as I have updates.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Thanks to you!

  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, may you kindly provide the following:

    1. The driver version you are currently using
    2. Your tablet's firmware version
    3. The Blender and Zbrush version you are using, and other software you've tested
    4. Your computer operationg system and version

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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