Huion H1161 drivers stop working after rebooting the computer

I installed the drivers as I'm supposed to, and the tablet works without issue. However, after I turn off the computer or even put it in sleep mode, the drivers no longer detect the device. This is temporarily fixed by reinstalling the drivers, but it lasts only for as long as the computer remains turned on, then in the next session I need to reinstall again. It's incredibly annoying.

  • btw I'm on Windows 10 and tried using both versions of the driver available for download, the older one doesn't work at all.

  • Hi Staszke Pietniun, thank you for contacting us. Could you please check if HuionTabletCore runs in Task Manager after your computer restarts from sleep mode and the driver is disconnected. Could you please also try to change a different computer/laptop to see if the issue will happen.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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