Again Device Disconnected!!

Hi iam freelance artist from indonesia i wanna asking about this problem that stress me out,
iam using KANVAS PRO 16 Premium, iam working hard to get this but and this is one 9 month i using this but with this problem ofcourse at the first it will be normal for a day if iam not using it but now it take a week, i had try as the tutorial give by huion to fix it and all does not work but the pen device still not connected... i always had though are huion sell the USB cable only for the type of KANVAS 16? cuz i already check the driver was fine, please help me for this problem 

  • Hi Raja Eru Saint, thank you for sending over your driver screenshot. I've noticed that you have the version 12 driver installed on your computer as well:

    Please make sure you have uninstalled all other tablet drivers, whether from us or from our brands and only install one driver. If the 14.8.166 version doesn't work, kindly try version 14.8.153 instead. I've attached the said driver below. You can refer to the following article on how to properly uninstall and reinstall the driver:

    Moreover, have you tried the steps found in this article: What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected? If you have but still got the same issue, it is possible that your cable may be defective. If that's the case, please contact the shop where you purchased your tablet from to be further assisted with your cable replacement.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • hi thank for the advice but i try it to uninstall my other tablet and reinstall the Kanvas 16 driver
    but still not connected. sometime reconnect but suddenly disconnected. i dont know what to do... my last attemp was to reinstall my windows 10

  • Hi Raja Eru Saint, if you've installed just one tablet driver and checked that your tablet is connected to a working USB port, then it is possible that your cable is defective. Thus, kindly coordinate with your seller so they can assist you with your cable replacement.

    Best regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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