Panning/Zooming Issues

Hi! I've been tinkering with the hotkeys lately in order to fix an issue I've been having since I got the tablet (Kamvas Pro 16). The touch bar does not work. When it does it can only zoom in/out temporarily without panning to the area I want to zoom in/out. I can't work on my art projects without this important tool. I'm lost, a little defeated. I would appreciate information on hot keys & how to solve this issue. Thank you in advance! - Noko
  • Hi Nokomis, thank you for reporting your panning/zooming issues with your Kamvas Pro 16. We need to further test your tablet's performance so we can determine the cause of your issue. Please send the following information to for further assistance:

    1. Product Serial Number (found at the back of your tablet)
    2. Purchase Order Number
    3. Link where you purchased your tablet
    4. A video showing your problem clearly (kindly send it through WeTransfer or upload it to Google Drive and please make sure you grant permission to anyone who has the link).

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Service

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