change button settings for various programs and enable active program button profile

can I configure the buttons of the tablet for different programs that work in parallel? for example, some settings for ZBrush, others for photoshop, the third for substance painter. And that profile of button settings for the program that is currently active on top of all windows is turned on

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  • Hi Сергей Красников,

    Thank you for your question and sorry for the long wait. 

    To answer you question, yes, you can definitely program your tablet and pen buttons to work on specific programs. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Open your tablet driver and press Settings
    2. On the pop-up screen, go to General settings, choose "+Add App"
    3. On the ProcessList pop-up screen, choose the software or program you want to configure the button functions then click "OK"
    4. After adding the app, click on "Edit"
    5. You can then proceed to customize the button functions then click "Apply" or "OK" once done.
    6. Redo steps #s 2-5 above to customize button functions for other software or programs.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us through Have a great day!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Service 

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