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Pen does not work anymore

Hi! I have a Huion tablet ( model GT-185 ) and the pen stop working, i try as said in the site but nothing, after some research i find out that my device interface is disconnected and there is no ‘’ Tablet driver agent ‘’ file, i tried to uninstall and install again but nothing, what can i do?

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Thank you all for your feedback. 

If your tablet driver is showing "Device disconnected", kindly refer to this solution article: What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected?

For any kind of pen issues, kindly send an email to with the following information so we can assist you further:

  • Purchase order number
  • Product serial number (found at the back of your unit)
  • Link where you purchased the item
  • A short video that clearly shows the problem. You can use your mobile phone so long as it clearly captures the problem.

Thank you!

My pen doesn't work either but the buttons do.

HI, I have a kanvas pro 22 and the pen just stoped working mid painting, drivers say the device is connected.
I restarted the PC Updated windows and reinstalled the drivers,.. nothing seems to work.

Can you help plz!

I'm having the same problem with my GT-191 where the pens have stopped and the driver always says device disconnected even after I've done all things that should fix it several times. 

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