rotation bug with HS611 in fps games

I have been using the huion hs611 for 2 weeks and i've not been able to figure out why when i use my tablet with mouse mode in fps like valorant my camera rotation bug, when i lift the pen out of the detection range and i pull it back down the camera rotation just bug like a weird position reset, and if i go too much in one direction it stop rotating the camera.

  • Quick update: The drivers work in absolute mode until i run Planetside 2

  • Hi Rebta, thank you for your update. May you kindly try just enabling Game Mode on Planetside 2? And please don't enable Mouse Mode. Enabling the Game Mode should make your mouse work on relative mode. By default, our tablets work on absolute mode. Enabling Mouse Mode or Game Mode will make them work on relative mode. 

    Do you need the mouse on absolute mode on your FPS games?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I did troubleshoot a bit further, the mouse mode in absolute worked not like the mouse mode should, when i'm going to far in one direction with my pen the camera will stop rotating in that direction before the maximum area of the tablet, also I tried the game mode on and off, with and without mouse mode, and game mode did work as expected reducing smoothing, but the mouse mode was the same as the bugged one.

    Since I am also drawing by time to time and playing osu rythme game, I need a working absolute mode as well as a mouse mode.
    And by reinstalling the driver, absolute mode worked again until I launched Planetside 2.

    Also it may help, but on my h420x tablet, I tried using it on Planetside 2 and get the same bug on Huion driver, but the opensource driver OpenTabletDriver have no bug of this kind. (only on H420x since HS611 isn't supported on it)

  • Hi Rebta, thank you for the quick revert. May I have the link where you downloaded the open-source driver? Once I have the link, I will pass on the info you provided to our software engineers so they can look into this further. 

    I look forward to your reply. Enjoy your weekend!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Here is the link of OpentabletDriver:

    Thanks for the support again, and hope that you will be able to find and resolve this bug with these information.

    Have a good weekend too!

  • Hi Rebta, thank you for providing the link. I have forwarded your latest information to our software engineers for further review. I'll get back to you when I receive their feedback. I genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to look into your issue. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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