huion kamvas pro13 calibration test glitching


I have a problem with my huion kamvas pro 13 tablet, whenever I try to calibrate the tablet, hovering over the calibration point would cause the point to move to the next stop without touching the tablet and this would continue with the every time I try to calibrate my tablet, occasionally I'm able to calibrate my tablet but most of the time it fails to be calibrated properly.

Im using a macbook pro running Macos Big Sur version 11.1 and I'm wondering if its a driver problem?

hoping to hear back from you.

  • Hi Calum Lawson, this may be caused by the pen. Kindly try to restore the calibration to factory or default settings then send the following to so we can further test your pen using our software:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number when you purchased your tablet
    • Version of the tablet driver you've installed on your computer
    • Please mention that you are using MacOS Big Sur 11.1

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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