Tablet Doesn't Draw on Certain Websites

I got the Huion Kamvas 12 recently, and it has been working great. It connects to my computer (running Windows 11) just fine, the driver installed easily, and I've had really no trouble using it. I've been drawing on Krita, and the pen works perfectly fine for that. I say all this to show there are no problems with the hardware or driver, to try to narrow down the problem.

The only problem comes when I try to draw on certain websites. I like to draw on a simple online website called Free Rider HD, but the tablet doesn't draw on the website. It can still click on the site's buttons, and the cursor follows the pen, but when I press down to make a line, no line is formed. The pen is registering with the tablet (the screen gives slight jerky movements with the pen), but is unable to mark down a line. 

I know a website is not what one would traditionally use for art, so I tested a few others. Basically, websites made for touching the screen (SketchpadKleki, etc.) work, while ones not specifically made for drawing onto the screen (the Free Rider HD I'm concerned about, DrawIsland, etc.) don't (even though a normal mouse operates fine on all of them). Free Rider HD is really a game, not a software made for art, which I think is causing the issues. With that in mind, I'm wondering if there is a way to work around this and get my Kamvas 12 drawing on this non-traditional software. Thanks!

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