Pentablet and Paint tool sai

hello, I want to know what's wrong. when I draw in Paint tool sai (windows 7) everything is fine. but when I change it to windows 10, The pen tablet suddenly doesn't work in the Paint tool Sai. everything becomes very slippery and even brushes that should be sharp and thin are not like that anymore. I've tried it in CSP before, it was fine, but for some reason it doesn't work in Paint Tool Sai
  • Hi haruda144, are you using the same computer but different Paint Tool Sai versions? Or are you referring to using the tablet on different computers, one on Windows 7 while the other on Windows 10? May you kindly provide the following so we can look into this further:

    1. Driver versions you installed on Windows 7 and Windows 10 - on the driver, go to Settings > About tab
    2. Paint Tool Sai version
    3. On Windows 10, kindly try if you experience the same issue on another drawing software
    4. Your tablet's firmware version - open the driver and go to Settings > Device tab
    5. A video of your issue.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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