Cinema 4D pen lag with Kamvas 22 plus)

I've experiencing pen lag in C4D 2024. It looks like the pen cursor has to move a few 10s of pixels on screen before any operation (e.g. navigating the viewport) takes affect. I can move the cursor extremely slowly with the pen and C4D won't recognise the movement at all. When I do the same with the mouse, the affect is instant. The experience is a lag of a few milliseconds which makes modelling and navigation a chore. I've experimented with combinations of Graphic Tablet and Hi-res Tablet options in Configuration>Input Devices but none make a difference. Other apps (Zbrush, Photoshop, etc) work as exepected.

Will post to Maxon forum, but appreciate some advice if anyone had a similar issue?

Cheers, David

Device: Kamvas 22 plus

  • Quick follow up in case anyone having same problem. My problem was with my old Wacom tablet drivers. Frustratingly, Wacom and Huion devices can't coexist, so I had to delete the wintab.dll from System32 and reinstall the Huion driver. I also uninstalled the Wacom driver since I assume it was wazzed after replacing the wintab. No lag and pen pressure now works in C4D.  

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  • I managed to do it by reinstalling the tablet driver.
    Thank you.
  • I tried deleting the wintab.dll from System32 and reinstall the Huion driver and uninstalling the Wacom driver.

  • I removed the Wacom driver as well because I believe it may have been affected after replacing the wintab.

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