Cursor not showing

My daughter previously had a Huawei phone and recently upgraded to a Vivo y27. However, now when she uses the Huion drawing tablet, it does not show a cursor. We have tried various advice we found online, however, some of the advice does not apply to the Vivo and is not helpful. Can you please uive me advice?
  • I recommend checking if the Huion drawing tablet is compatible with the Vivo Y27. Ensure that the necessary drivers are installed, and try adjusting the display settings on the phone. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Huion's support for device-specific guidance. Additionally, you can enhance your video editing experience with Cap Cut, a versatile video editor, to create engaging content effortlessly.

  • Test if digital pen input is supported on your phone. You might need to install more drivers if not. To activate this feature, navigate to: Settings > Pen & Stylus notifications > Stylus.

    Navigate to Program Preferences > Drawing Software > Permit Access > All.

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