Kamvas 13 screen incorrect resolution.

My Kamvas 13 arrived a while ago and I got it for Christmas. Yesterday it was working just fine and I loved it. I turned it on today and the screen looked squished. The menu said that it was in 1280x1024 resolution which does not fit the screen. I have not messed with any settings at all I’ve just woken up to it looking like this. I have tried - ressetting my windows laptop - resetting the kamvas 13 display settings - adjusting the resolution of the tablet through my laptops display settings (It only lets me change it to 1280 x 1024 or lower). - changing which usb-c to usb-c cable i used. - Changing the screen ratio (from full to all other options, still very bugged. It looked decent on a 16:4 ratio but did not take up most of the screen.) - changing text size on my laptop. - using a hdmi cable (it isn’t suitable for my laptop) Please help, I have been trying to fix it all day and it will. not. work.
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