Connection issues with Kamvas Pro 16

Hello! I have many connection issues with my Kamvas Pro 16, both on my Windows PC and on my Macbook (both use different cables). Here are some of my issues:

  • Connection will look fine but the driver will say "device disconnected" and the pen controls my monitor's cursor, not the tablet's (Windows).
  • Will connect on my PC's end but not on my tablet's end (Windows and Mac).
  • Will change the resolution of my PC's monitor but will display a black screen, the driver says it's connected (Mac).
I've probably missed some problems but these are the main ones. I've tried every suggestion on the Huion website but none of them have solved the issues permanently, they just keep coming back. I'm afraid it may be an issue with the tablet itself since it happens on two different computers with two different cables. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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