Driver problem ver. and with cinema 4d and Zbrush.

I present my complaint with the latest driver updates, my huion 22 plus presented the problem with cinema 4d and Zbrush programs, because the pen to click on the screen with these programs is locked and causes the program does not let you click anywhere, and does not let you work smoothly, fortunately I found an old driver ver 15. 5.3.444, I also suggest that you let download older versions of the driver because they only give us the option to download only the previous version, which is worth mentioning has the same problem, I hope is your driver update to correct this problem.

  • Hi, Corona. I'm sorry about the issue you experienced. May you kindly provide the following so I can forward your concern to our software engineers and have them look into this issue further?

    1. Computer operating system and its version
    2. Firmware version - you'll find this on the driver > go to Settings > Device tab
    3. Cinema 4D and ZBrush versions
    4. A video of the problem using either of the latest drivers, and a video of your workflow as you use v15.5.3.444 where the function you need works.

    I look forward to your reply so I can forward your information to our software engineers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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