I cannot use my graphic tablet, Huion 1060 plus.

Hello, I got this tablet (that works normally) from a friend. I installed the driver, charged the pen (but with another cable than the normal one) but when I try using the tablet it doesn't work.

The tablet is detected, and the buttons work, I think the problem may be because of the pen. How do I check if it works?

(btw, I uninstalled windows ink in case)

  • Hi, Crabe The Night. I'm sorry about your issue. Since you used a different charger, it may not have charged the pen or have caused the pen to break. Since the driver detects your tablet and the tablet buttons work, let's check your hardware using our QC software. I will create a ticket for you so I can provide the instructions.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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