Kamvas 13 tablet unable to connect


I am having an issue with my Huion Kamvas 13 display tablet, I'm using a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 and I've been using this tablet since April this year. Right now, my Huion software says there is no device connected, the screen on the tablet works, the express keys works, but the pen doesn't work on the tablet. I believe the tablet screen works without the driver, but the pen still won't work. I unplugged my tablet, closed the Huion program, plugged the tablet back in, it didn't work. I uninstalled the Huion program, unplugged the tablet, closed my art programs, and reinstalled it with the latest version, it still says no device connected. I uninstalled it and did the same procedure but I restarted my MacBook Pro, it still didn't work. I switched places of the Huion-owned USBC-to-USBC plugs and it still didn't work...

I do not have another computer to troubleshoot this on, what can I do to fix this issue? Let me know at your earliest convenience, thanks in advance.


  • Hi Saul, I'm sorry about your "Device disconnected" issue. I'll create a ticket for you so we can test your tablet further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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