Pen for Kamvas GT-191

Hi there, I have a Kamvas GT-191 manufactured in 2019 (not GT-191 V2), a pen (charges via USB), after 4 years of use the pen began to quickly discharge. I can't find a replacement in stores or online. Please tell me the name of the model of this pen.

  • This is the data on the packaging.

  • Hi dan, thank you for providing pictures of your pen and tablet information. The original pen that came with your tablet is the PE330. Sadly, this model has been discontinued. But please don't worry. Based on your serial number, your tablet was manufactured in January 2019. Thus, you can purchase the Battery Pen PEN68D. Here's the link: Battery Pen PEN68D. Please remember to update your country on the upper right before placing your order.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Orliza, thanks a lot! Unfortunately, my region is not on the list, I am from Kyrgyzstan. But two days ago I ordered two different pens on Aliexpress, and one of them was PEN 68D. I chose it after reading customer comments, but had doubts because yesterday I checked similar-looking battery-operated pens in several stores. I took the monitor with me to check, but not a single handle fit. Do you know what length the replacement pen nibs for the PEN68D model are? Two days ago I ordered - model number D57D7HH300299-BK (17mm/0,67") My old model has 20mm/0.78" nibs.

  • Hi dan, I'm sorry about that. Sadly, our official online store does not ship to your region. 

    May you please share the Aliexpress links of the pen you purchased? I want to check it further. 

    I'll get back to you with the pen nib model for the PEN68D.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Here is the link. It says here that these are nibs for PEN68D. 

  • Hi dan, thank you for the link. Yes, this is the correct pen nib for PEN68D (nib model PN02). The link is also our authorized reseller so you can go ahead and purchase this pen nib, if you haven't done so already. But if you have purchased it and it doesn't work with your PEN68D pen, please let me know and provide a video as you replace your pen nib with this one. 

    Also, the PEN68 and PEN68D looks similar. However, they cannot be used interchangeably due to difference in the internal parts. The PEN68 is for graphics tablets while PEN68D is for pen displays. Can you please share the link to the PEN68D pen you purchased from AliExpress?

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    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Orliza, I have already received a PEN68D  and a set of nibs (10 pieces) from Aliexpress. This pen responds much better to pen pressure. With the old pen, I was unable to achieve the effect when the line smoothly turns into a wide line when pressed. This is truly the best replacement. Thank you for your advice.

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  • Hi Dan, thank you for the update. I'm glad your replacement PEN68D is working well. Feel free to create a new post or contact us directly through email if you need our assistance. Have a productive day!