Huion Kanvas 20 Flickering power (blank screen)


I have had my Kanvas 20 for about 3 years, i have had previous issues with it in that time but for the past two months i have been having an issues with my tablet turning on fully. Before it was only on rare few occasion's that i chalked up to user error but now it happens every day and for a great portion of the time i'm unable to get it on. 

The issue at hand is that i would start up my computer as normal and make sure my kanvas 20 is connected correctly however the display screen would remain blank despite the connection being registered, and the power light would flash constantly. 

I suspect it may be the AC adapter as i am forced to constantly unplug and then plug it back in to get it back but i'm not to certain. The other features otherwise work i just cant seem to get the flickering to stop or my display screen to turn on (i can even still draw and interact with the screen it just wont come on). 

I added a video for visual context but i would really like to know what the possible issue is.

I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled, Used a different electrical outlet, changed my other connection ports , all recommended avenues so whatever advice i can get would be a big help. 

I am a digital artist and depend on creating my artwork for a living, and i have been set back on multiple projects fighting with this issue. 

  • Hi Tia, I'm sorry for the issue you're having with your Kamvas 20 and for the late reply due to the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day holidays. Thank you for providing a video. Kindly provide a video as you turn the tablet off then on. Looking forward to receiving it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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