How to fix the Kamvas monitor from black screen and energy saving mode Issue / cable not working

The solution for every Kamvas Monitor that has this problem:

1. check cable on different monitor 2. check other type of cable like hdmi instead of display cable (will probably work with other cable but not with the usual one) 2. turn on off monitor (really this one works wonders) 3. reinstall/update huion drivers 4. update graphic card drivers. 5. turn off and on pc. 6. check windows update 7. if all these are still not working. and this is the one that actually worked for me for some reason unplug the drawing display while connected to pc and pc is on and re-plug it. It does a sudden reset and everything worked. it will work after restarting computer too. (do this is at your own risk)

you might want to change workspace of the drawing pen in the huion drivers, so the pen doesn't work on the other display if you are using 2.

BUT: For some reason it flips where the desktop icons originally were, but still keeps the primary display at the original one. Weird now all the icons switch to the drawing display (and the other way around, as it sees it as primary monitor for the icons) and I have to move them back. it's annoying and and the windows "set as primary workspace" doesn't work either. This is now a windows bug.

To keep the icons from swapping monitors every time you restart, do this: 1. search %userdata% in the windows search bar 2. The User folder will open. 3. Make sure hidden items are visible by clicking the View tab. Place a check mark in the box Hidden items within the Show/hide group. 4. Open the AppData folder. 5. Open the Local folder. 6. Within the Local folder select the IconCache file and click Delete. 7. Now arrange the desktop icons and restart the computer. this will fix the issues

One more thing. i think the issue lies within the software of the tablet. since there is no physical button to change port input it just glitches to one and doesn't show anything. and there is no button for it in the huion driver software. PLEASE HUION give us an option to select output port on our displays without buttons in the driver menu!! Hope this helps...

- D.

  • Hi Davut Gürbüz, thank you for contacting us. As of this writing, if your pen display model is  GT2401/GT1302/GT1602. Please open OSD menu, and go to "setting", then you can choose HDMI, DP or Type C for GT2401. Or you can choose HDMI or Type C for GT1302/GT1602.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi,

    i have the kamvas 24 pro 4k and i believe there is no button to enter the osd menu. so i cant really do that. unless there is a way through the driver software and I am unaware of it.

  • Nevermind, I figured it out by long pressing the button and using the pen. But this wont work if there is the black screen issue and not showing anything, so the OSD menu won't be visible/pop up, since I had tried that when I had the issue.  Since the Display didn't want to recognize the video cable 

    My suggested solution worked in the case, that there is always a black-screen. Though I am 100% sure there is a better solution for that.

  • Hi Davut Gürbüz, thank you for your response. To access the OSD menu on your Kamvas Pro 24 4k, please press and hold the 'switch on/off' button for three seconds. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support