problem with a screen

 Hello, after the occurrence of the monitor, there is a problem with my tablet Huion Kamvas 12.
Only the wallpaper from the monitor is visible on it, but the anincize icon is not visible, much less Photoshop.
I get this message: "USB DFU in FS Mode". I updated drivers. What should I do to make the tablet work properly?

Can anyone help me?

  • Hi konkret foto, kindly try the following steps:

    1. Uninstall your tablet driver and ensure there are no other tablet drivers installed on your computer, whether from us or other brands. Please follow the steps in this article: How to Uninstall Version 15 Driver (Windows).
    2. Go to Device Manager > expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers" >update your USB drivers.
    3. Download the latest driver for your tablet from this link: Huion Download Center. Choose "Pen Display" > "Kamvas" > "Kamvas 12".
    4. Unplug your tablet from your computer, turn off your antivirus, close all your drawing programs, and install your tablet driver by following the steps from this article: How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows.
    5. Reconnect your tablet and test. Ensure your tablet's black USB-A cable is connected directly to your computer's USB port; don't use a USB hub or adapter, if possible. If you're using a desktop, please ensure to connect it to your motherboard's USB port at the rear of your CPU or desktop. 
    6. Restart your computer when needed.

    If the steps above do not resolve your issue, please provide the following so I can create a ticket for you:

    1. Your computer's operating system and version.
    2. Your Photoshop version.
    3. A short video of your cable connection from your tablet to your computer, then turn on your tablet and capture the error.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • You can restore factory settings on your Huion Kamvas 12 tablet. Please note that a factory reset will erase any custom settings or configurations you have made on your tablet.

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