Driver showing the tablet but no signal on screen kamvas 22 plus

I recently purchased pen display 22 plus, I connected him like the manual says, The driver recognises the display and the pen working when I satting the working area, BUT the display not working he shows like the logo up and then the red light goes to green light, On the SCREEN there is a massage says NO SIGNAL . I can’t see the monitor in my Mac display setting, I don’t know what happand and it really makes me sad because I really I waited for it. I connected it with usb c cable to usb c (came with the purchase) And power throws 3n-1 cable. I am using MacBook Pro m2 OS Version: 13.4.1 Driver Version: Device Model: KAMVAS 22 GS2202 Firmware Version: HUION_M19t_20091 Thanks in advance really waiting for this And hopes it will work Btw, I have been trying connecting in to a pc computer with the same cables and it worked. Please help me make it work on myyy maccc
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