Kamvas 13 pen keeps stopping

I have kamvas 13 and use it on windows 11, i recently switched from mac to windows last month and had never had this issue with mac but for some reason it started occuring in windows! What happend is everything seems to be alright, no problem or anything with the display tablet or whatsoever its like the pen stops moving mid work and then i have to uplug and replug my black usb a (i use 3 cables) for it to start working again, and it does starts to work just to have the same issue again 10 min in, and ill have to unplug and replug yet again! I did manage to stop the issue wheb i disabled my pc's sleep settings but that only lasted for a day and a half before the issue started again. The mouse only moves when i move it with my pc mouse but its the pen thats not responding which is when i unplug and replug the black usb a. I open the driver and the tablet says that its still connected no "disconnect" issues or whatsoever. Its only the pen that is not moving until i unplug and replug the black usb-a. Please help its really causing problem in my work flow.
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