Kamvas 13 Flickering screens and black lines when connected with usb

This only happens in my laptop, if i connect the kamvas to a power adapter, and the other usb to the laptop, the screen flickers on and off and with several flashing black lines, if i disconnect the usb from the laptop, and keep only connected to the power, the screen stops flashing on and off, and the flickering lines decreases, but are still present, i tested it with 4 different power adapters, and it happens the same if i connect the power usb to the laptop, i've had this display for 2 years and worked just fine in both my desktops during this time, but now i only have the laptop to work with and can't manage to fix this issue, i've tested the hdmi port with other monitor and it works just fine, the usb ports aswell for mouse and keyboard, i've changed the RAM in my laptop, cleaned it, changes slots, and the issue persists, i've searched through the forum and everyone says its a power supply issue, but i have tested with various power adapters from different manufactures and it didn't change anything. Please Help, i have to spend two months without any other computer and must work during this time with my Huion

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  • Hi Kauê, I understand where you are coming from. Since your laptop's HDMI port is working well with other monitors, your issue may be caused by other factors. When you turn the tablet on, do you still see the lines on the page where our logo appears? If you don't see any display issues on our logo page, then I can conclude that your 3-in-1 cable may be faulty. I suggest you purchase a new one from this link, 3-in-1 Cable (Model: CB05A), if your warranty has expired. However, if you are still within the warranty, kindly send an email to service@huion.com with the following: serial #, order #, and a video that captures your cable connections, turning on the tablet, our logo page then the computer desktop that shows the issue.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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