My Huion Tablet Kamvas Pro 16 display is not working. The power button is not lighting on. There is no display showing at all.

The power button remains unresponsive, refusing to illuminate, and the display remains completely inactive, failing to show any visuals whatsoever.

I assure you that I have meticulously followed all the necessary steps to ensure proper functionality. All cables have been securely plugged into their respective ports, firmly establishing a connection between the tablet and my computer. Additionally, I have diligently installed the latest driver specifically designed for my operating system. It is worth noting that the express keys on the tablet are operational, with the exception of the non-responsive power button. Furthermore, the pen functions without issue.

Everything is working just fine, but my screen won't light up no matter what! I also read complaints from other people about this issue, but the proposed solutions didn't work.

Anxiously waiting.



  • Hi Luizanantonello, I'm sorry about your power button not lighting on. May you please take a video of the following so we will know what caused your issue:

    1. Your cable connection from your tablet to your computer 
    2. Press the power button and capture what happens to your tablet screen.

    I look forward to receiving your video. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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