Pen Lagging while Pressing On Screen

I bought the Kamvas Pro 13 in April, as a back up in case my old tablet crashed (I am currently doing an animation course and need a tablet at home). I tested it when i first got it and everything worked perfectly fine so I put it away for the back up. 

Yesterday my old tablet was struggling so I switched over to the Kamvas for the first time but the pen is lagging when I press on the screen and the pen pressing even just to touch the screen is incredibly laggy as i can press something over 10 times and it still wont select what i'm pressing on the screen. It is not software picky as it is just overall the pen not being picked up by the screen. I have redone calibration which takes many pressing to get the dots to calibrate but it doesn't fix the issue. I uninstalled the driver/huion application and reinstalled it, with no change. 

I don't know what to do to fix this. Please help cause I have assessments due and cannot work on my projects when the pen isn't working efficiently.

  • Hi Luka, I'm sorry about your pen issue. Kindly try the following so we would know what caused your issue:

    1. Change your pen nib with a new one.
    2. If you are using a Windows computer, please uninstall the tablet driver, disconnect your tablet, restart your computer, reconnect your tablet, and test if your pen works fine without the driver. If it does, then the issue is caused by the driver. Please skip this step if you are using MacOS Catalina or later.
    3. Disconnect your tablet from your computer again, and install the latest driver which you can download from our official website ( Please follow the steps from the applicable article in this link: Huion Support: Setup & Use - General Settings
    4. Put away all unnecessary electronic devices as this can interfere with your pen's functionality. We use electromagnetic resonance technology with our pens and may be affected by electromagnetic interference from other devices.
    5. Is your old tablet also a Huion? If it's from another brand, please ensure to uninstall other tablet drivers and only install ours. Having more than 1 tablet driver can cause conflicts between drivers resulting to malfunction.

    If the steps above do not resolve your issue, please provide the following so I can help you further:

    1. The first 7 digits of your serial number (found on the back of your tablet, which starts with S/N)
    2. Your computer operating system and version
    3. The tablet driver version you've tried
    4. A video of your cable connections from your tablet to your computer, then open your tablet driver, go to "Digital Pen" > "Pressure Sensitivity Adjustment" and test if your pen works well on the Pressure Test area.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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