"Pen flip" switch option for buttons (Wintab)

 Hello! I have been doing some research into Wintab functionality, and I noticed something which hasn't been implemented yet.

There are some drawing applications, like Adobe Flash CS3, which have pressure and tilt support, but were exclusively coded with WACOM tablets in mind. In order to erase something with pressure and tilt sensitivity, you'd need to flip the pen over to the eraser side. I have tried to use the "Switch Brush" option as a way to toggle to this pressure + tilt eraser mode, but the program doesn't change to eraser mode unfortunately.

However, in a comment of the code for a Wintab tilt test program, it said this about how WACOM pens report whether they're upside down, which tells Flash to switch to pressure + tilt eraser mode:


So, this pen flip switch would basically change the sign of .orAltitude that's reported to Flash to make it switch between brush and eraser (with pressure + tilt) mode. I think it'd be a good workaround, since the standalone eraser tool in Flash doesn't offer pressure and tilt for some reason.

I hope I provided enough info for the devs to know what to implement, if this feature is considered. :)



  • Hi The Blender Fiddler, thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded the coding you found to our software engineers for further review. We highly appreciate it!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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