Is there any way to get my huion kamvas 16 and huion h420 tablet workin on same device without uninstall and install each software on mac

so back when i use windows, i manage to make both software on huion kamvas 16 and huion h420 works by using the windows taskbar by closing the software of that tablet at the time that i dont use, and it will run flawlessly. now that i've moved to mac, it is as almost as possible to get one turned off or one turned on like windows did.

i do tried some way to alternatively run it by using a different user so each different user have their own huion tablet software. but that also can't work, because both software can't be installed for each user and it only install to all drive for all user. and i have seen some post about huion kamvas 13 and inspiroy Pen tablet could work with same software.

is there any other way to get both working one at the time on mac. perhaps is there any software could use if it's not then what kind of tablet that can work w same driver as huion kamvas 16?

my tablet device right now are 
Huion Kamvas 16 GS1562 (2021)
Huion H420 

  • Hi Noctograph, I'm sorry about the inconvenience you are experiencing. Sadly, H420 only has 2048 pen pressure while Kamvas 16 (2021) has 8192. Thus, they use different driver versions; v12 for the former and v14 or v15 for the latter. Since our tablets can work without the driver in Windows, this is why you can use both alternately without having to uninstall the driver. However, the driver is needed for MacOS Catalina and later. Due to these reasons, I'm sorry that the only option you have is to uninstall the v12 driver and install the v15 one whenever you use your Kamvas 16 (2021) and vice versa. 

    What I suggest is to purchase any of our graphic tablets with 8192 pen pressure such as the H420X, HS64, etc. as these tablets can work together with your Kamvas 16 (2021) using the same driver. Our MacOS drivers can handle up to 2 devices simultaneously. 

    Hoping for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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