My pen isn't recognized by the tablet

 I won a graphic tablet h430p of my uncle, this tablet never had a problem, but a some days ago the mouse cursor doesn't move more.

 The light of the tablet is on, so the tablet is connected with the computer, and in the driver is showing that is connected too, but in my notebook and in the notebook of my school the mouse cursor isn't moving and the buttons of my pen doesn't work more.

 I think that is because the pen isn't recognized by the graphic tablet, but I don't know how fix this problem.

 Can't be the driver, because it is installed in my computer, and cant be the computer because have this problem in anothers computers too.

  And the pressure keys work too, so this problem is in the pen or in the area that i can draw.

  • Hi Lucas, thank you for providing insight on what may have caused your issue. I would like to test your hardware further, so I'll create a ticket for you. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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