Inspiroy 2 display area not showing

I cannot see anything when I click on the working area in the driver. Pen was working before I turned on the driver. After I turned on the driver, the pen is stuck on the top left corner of my screen. Re-installed the driver several times, and restart the computer several times, and the issue still exists.

  • now, not only it is closing the entire driver when I click on the working area.

  • Hi Aex . H, thank you for the explanation and screenshots. This seems to be a problem with your driver installation. Thus, please follow the steps below:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver and disconnect your tablet from your computer. Ensure that there are no other tablet drivers installed on your computer, either from us or other brands. Having multiple tablet drivers can cause conflict between drivers and tablet functionality. 
    2. Ensure that our tablet driver files have been completely deleted from your computer. Go to: Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. On the search bar at the upper right of that window, please type "tablet". Select the files and folders found then click "x" or quit.
    3. Install your tablet driver by following the steps from this article: How to Install Huion Driver on MacOS.

    Kindly reply to your ticket if these steps do not resolve your issue, so we can look into your concern further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I did tried to clear the activity monitor and re-installed the driver when the tablet is not plugged in. It does not resolved the issue. I also tried the 2 different version driver that is in the link. It does not quit unexpectedly anymore, but the working area is still incorrect. I also noticed that the 3 set key for Inspiory 2 is not switchable. It does switch when I unplug and plug the tablet back in. I also tried window driver, and it is working fine. Looks like it is only happening on my mac.

  • Hi Aex . H, thank you for the screenshots. I noticed that your Mac driver's working area is set to have the tablet work on the upper-left corner. Please drag the lines to cover your entire screen area so your tablet can work on your entire screen. Kindly refer to the correct setting below:

    The upper part indicates which part of your computer screen your tablet will work, and the lower part is which part of your tablet you can utilize. So please use your mouse and drag the blue line on the upper part so it will cover the entire screen.

    As with the switch buttons not working, may I know the following so I can further check:

    1. Your MacOS version
    2. The current driver version installed on your computer
    3. Your tablet's firmware version (found in the driver: Settings > Device tab)

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • The issue has been fixed. I uninstalled the application incorrectly was the issue. I did not know there is an uninstalled button in Huion driver, so I delete the application directly. I did have a hunch that this may be the issue, because when I tried installing the different version of the driver, it changes the tablet behavior, and when I re-installed the original version, the behavior also carry over with the different version. I did already used a different Huion tablet before, and I was trying to find a way to cleanly remove any hidden setting in mac that were not cleared during the my original un-installing process, but did not find anything.

    Thank you for your help! 

  • Hi Aex . H, I'm glad your issue is now resolved after properly uninstalling the driver. And yes, improper uninstallation or installation of the driver will cause functionality problems. You can always refer to the following articles on how to do so properly:

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support