I have been able to Connect but…

I got a kamvas 13 for Christmas, and couldn’t connect it because I didn’t have a way to connect the hdmi plug, until I found a hdmi to vga, and then it worked, but the past few months, it stopped working, and it says the same as it did without the hdmi plugged in, but with it plugged in. I’m thinking about buying a new cable, but is the problem another place?
  • Hi Lewis, I'm sorry about your display issue. Are you using a desktop or laptop? When you turn on your tablet, do you see our logo and after which, does it show "No signal" then "Power saving mode"?

    There are several factors that may have caused your issue; outdated graphics driver on your computer, broken HDMI to VGA adapter, faulty VGA port, broken cable, or problems with your tablet itself. Thus, kindly try the following so we can eliminate the possible causes:

    1. Update your computer graphics card driver to the latest one. Or you can manually download and install the latest version if your computer doesn't detect the latest graphics card driver version.
    2. Connect another monitor or display to your computer's VGA port and see if it works fine.
    3. Connect your tablet directly to your computer' HDMI port without using an adapter and check if it works. If you're using a desktop computer with a dedicated graphics card, ensure that it is connected to it and not to the motherboard.
    4. If you have access to another computer, connect your tablet to another computer so we can check if the issue persists.

    Please let me know if the steps above do not resolve your issue. Moreover, kindly provide a video of your cable connection from your tablet to your computer, then turn on your tablet. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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