Huion Kamvas pro 22 stuttering/lagging pen detection

  I've been using my tablet for about 2-3 years and ive never encountered an issue, and since one or two days , my Tablet is acting weirdly .
Sometimes when i draw the pen detection starts lagging and the lines get cut off , or start to stutter as shown in the videos . It could possibly be a problem with the pen pressure sensor in the pen itself , changing the nip didnt made any difference. It happens a lot more when i try to draw fast or do circular movements .

I´ve reinstalled the driver multiple times now so far , even installed an older version , also i´ve updated windows 11 but with no results. I also tried fixing the issue by recallibrating the stylus.

My main program for drawing is Photoshop but testing this on other applications such as paint or even the diagnose tool from the driver software showed the same result.

I´ve tested the pen in booth "TabletQC_2020" as well as in the mentioned before diagnose tool from the Driver, and recorded both reallife and screenfootage for better clarity.

  •  The screenrecording

  • Hi Okami, thank you for trying the troubleshooting steps and for testing your pen on our TabletQC software. It is much appreciated. Based on my observations from your video, I'm sorry to inform you that your pen is defective. You can purchase a new pen from this link: Huion Battery-free Pen PW500.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Hello Orliza , yes it was the pen as you said . i ordered a new one the next day after i posted this and now everything works just fine. Thanks for your service.

  • Hi Okami, thank you for the update, and I'm glad your issue is now resolved. Have a productive day!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support